Ash Wednesday – and away we go…!

Well, here we are – already Ash Wednesday – and another blogging season for the St. Bede’s community. I am looking forward to seeing what everyone has to say/show. I know last Advent and Lent were thought-provoking for me. Somehow, especially around Lent, I get into a particular way of approaching the idea of ‘preparing for Easter’ and examining what needs to be put right in my life. It is VERY helpful to see what others are thinking/doing – helps me to see more clearly…
Because I am asking others to share, I guess it is my turn first! What am I giving up/taking on for Lent this year? Well, it’s definitely a ‘taking on’ kind of year, and it’s two-fold. First, I have not read much theology lately, really almost none. I spent the summer reading up on social media and faith communities – or trying to – turns out there’s limited stuff out there, at least in terms of the implications for how it changes community, or how liturgy might evolve in response to such a cultural shift. But then this fall was heavy pastorally, and there were various family and personal concerns. So I never really got round to reading anything beyond my mystery book club list! But now there are no more excuses: I am going to Read Theology!! I’m starting with a book on The Nonviolent Atonement, and will see where I go from there.
And secondly, I am going to notice beauty. Every day I am going to look for three experiences/moments of beauty. These can be seen, or heard, or touched, or smelt… Actually, it is interesting already because it has me thinking about the nature of beauty and what defines it. The first two weeks of Lent will be easy with this, since I’ll be on holiday in a warmer climate! But I hope that will allow me to establish some habits, so that when I return to the snow and cold and work I will notice the beauty that still surrounds me…

Wish me luck! And what are you doing to observe Lent this year…?



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