For my first Lent, I decided to add something to my life for the next forty days, and preferably for the next forty plus years. My goal for Lent is to choose a new virtue everyday, reflect on what it means to me, and figure out new ways to incorporate it into my everyday life.

I decided “love” was the most appropriate virtue to focus on for Valentine’s Day. To quote one of my favorite books and movies, A Walk to Remember, “… love is like the wind; I can’t see it but I can feel it”. I have all these undefined feelings for people, and instead of trying to individually define these feelings, I just call it “love”. When I love someone, like my family and close friends, I can’t help but smile when I’m around them. I always want to be near them. I appreciate them for who they are and don’t want any part of them to change. When someone I love is hurting, I feel their pain and try to make it go away for them.

Love can be expressed in a variety of ways; through words of affirmation, acts of kindness, giving gifts, spending quality time with someone, and physical displays. When it comes to my family, I deem myself to be an affectionate person – I’m quite the hugger if I do say so myself – but sometimes I feel like my friends don’t know how much I actually care about them. Maybe every once in awhile they need a hug to be reminded, or a phone call just to say “Hey, I was thinking of you!” These seem like things that I could easily do everyday, but how often do I do them? This is definitely something I can incorporate into my lifestyle!

To finish off my post, I’d like to share a story about two third-grade girls. One little girl named Kate was new to the school, and while someone showed her around and introduced her to the other kids, Kate didn’t really connect with anyone. Two months later, another little girl named Jennie was coming into her class, and Kate was chosen to show her around. Kate decided to make a picture of flowers for Jennie. On the day she was to arrive, the teacher told Kate that Jennie was helping her mother unpack so she wouldn’t be coming until the following day. A little disappointed, but a lot more excited, Kate waited another day. Finally, Kate and Jennie met, and they formed a bond that only new girls understood. April 15th will mark the ten year anniversary of our friendship, and Jennie has kept my picture all these years. I’m going back home after final exams are over, and I plan on taking Jennie out and letting her know how much our friendship has meant to me.

Katie L.


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