The Shape of this Journey

The beginnings of most journeys are filled with a degree of excitement and fear. A sense of nervousness is at play with all the unknowns that will make the journey memorable. A sense of expectation flutters in ones gut – thinking of the set points along the way that give shape and direction to ones path.

We are in the first week of a journey that takes us through death to life.

We are called on this path to look inward. Like Jesus, we are encouraged to delve into the desert. To reflect on what we believe.

We are called on this path to look outward. Like Jesus, we are encouraged to delve into the leper colonies of our times. To reflect why others and we live as we do.

We are called on this path to look to God. Like Jesus, we are encouraged to dive into deep prayer and seek conversation with our creator God. To re-hear how we are to align ourselves with God’s unfolding Kingdom.

I am going to be journeying to Peru for lent (I will be living here). My trip will present new places for me to engage in the journey we need to take this time of year. While traveling I am hoping to spend some time thinking on the following rendering of the Lord’s Prayer from Aramaic based on a translation done by Neil-Douglas Koltz and referenced in a book I just finished leading a study entitled “Living Epiphany” on, “The Tao of Liberation: Exploring the Ecology of Transformation”. In particular, I have bolded the second line because I feel it has particular meaning during the journey of lent. As we journey inward, outward and towards God, may we seek to empty ourselves to clear space again for the sacred to dwell. May we remember, God is all we have and our lives are in God’s hands.

“O creative Breath, Father-Mother of the Cosmos
ebbing and flowing through all forms

O shimmering Sound
Thy radiant Name dances in and about all-that-is

 Prepare the ground of our being
and hallow a place for the planting of thy presence

Penetrate the deepest recesses of our hearts
and clear a space where thy shining Name may enkindle us.

In this nuptial chamber where desire bears fruit
conceive the creative potency that enables us to say, “I can.”

Let the rhythm of thy counsel reverberate through our lives
so that it may empower us with thy creative vision.

So that, fully united with the vortex of thy desire,
we truly embody the light of thy purpose.

Harmonize our own goals and purposes with thine own;
As from the emanation and vision, so too in form.

With passion and soul may we generate
the sustenance and understanding we need to take the next step.

Loosen the cords of past mistakes and disentangle us from frustrated hopes,
as we, too, release others and restore to them that which has been usurped.

Let us not be enmeshed by the nets of delusion
or become lost in the forgetfulness of distractions
which divert us from our purpose,
but illuminate for us the opportunities of the present moment.

For from thy fertile ground springs forth the empowering vision,
the life energy that creates and sustains,
and the harmonious song that enkindles wonder,
From age to age, let it in truth be so.”

-joshua enns


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