One thing I have been struggling a lot with recently is a lack of motivation.  It is not that this term is particularly hard at this moment—or at least it wouldn’t be if I could bring myself to keep up with my work—but I’m finding it hard right now to remember how to enjoy what I do.  I have interesting classes, good professors, I enjoy my music, and I even like the winter weather.  But it is all too easy to forget that.

For lent this year, I am cutting down on the time I spend procrastinating on the internet.  Yes, I know that I will soon have many other means of procrastination and I will probably waste just as much time as before.  But it is my hope that by spending less time passively staring at a screen, I will be able to renew my interest in the world around me.  My goal for this Lent is to take a good look at my life and remember what it is that I love about physics, about music, and about so many other parts of my life that have become just another thing to check off my to do list.

I don’t think this will be an easy Lenten discipline, and to be honest I really hope it isn’t.  The outtripping program I worked at for many summers had the motto Embrace the Challenge, a motto I have been trying to live up to for years.  So this Lent I will be praying for strength to truly embrace the challenge and see beauty in the parts of my life I have taken for granted for too long.

-Katie S.


One comment on “Challenges

  1. Pamela says:

    This reminds me a bit of the Lent I gave up facebook. I found that by spending less time on the internet, I was able to notice the real things around me. Feels kind of funny posting this on a blog, but this is one of the few places on the internet where I feel like things are also real, just not in a place such as the wilderness where I usually expect to find “realness”. Good luck on your Lenten discipline.

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