I’ve always wondered why I’m so attracted to the word “serenity”. Sometimes I just think it sounds pretty, but looking closely at the definition I realize it is something pretty. Serenity is about being at peace with the world and feeling calm when obstacles come our way. It allows us to not let stresses and worries throw off our balance.

People have told me I have a calm personality, but that’s honestly not the case. There are times when I do show calmness on the outside but freak out massively on the inside, and then there are other times when I outwardly freak out. Either way, I don’t consider myself to be a serene person when faced with a problem. However, I know that I can at least make changes in my life that will allow more serenity into it, which is the whole reason why I’m reflecting upon virtues for lent: self-improvement.

For example, my roommate used to meditate in the morning, and I found her to be a lot more relaxed throughout the day. I’ve often thought about starting, but I feel like I would rather do it at nighttime because I do most of my thinking while trying to fall asleep. It’s a problem for me; I have nights where I can’t fall asleep for half an hour and I can’t shut off my thoughts. Could meditation help me, among other techniques? Part of the chaos that goes on in my life is not being able to organize and slow down my thoughts.

I also know about my need to control things in my life, and if something doesn’t go as planned I become upset. Did my whole world come crashing down? No, of course not … my brain knows that, but the rest of me doesn’t seem to catch up until the next day. I’ve been told by counselors that deep-breathing exercises are a good way to just stop and relax before reacting to a situation. Something that sounds so simple, and yet I never remember to try it! With my upcoming tests and assignments, I definitely want to try these techniques.

Here’s a random fact to end my post: There is an area on the moon called “Mare Serenitatis”, meaning “Sea of Serenity”. I wanted to share this with you because every time I look up at the moon I feel calm and relaxed.

Katie L.


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