The Signs of Spring

I can tell when spring is coming; the snow that I once found beautiful is beginning to melt, showing signs of the ground beneath. Although the ground right now is quite brown and muddy (and the sidewalks are covered with water), I can appreciate all the changes that the melting snow is bringing. The thing the I enjoy the most, is the fact that I no longer need an alarm clock, there are trees in both of my neighbours’ backyards, and by the sound of it, the trees are home to many birds. The chirping and tweeting of birds is very welcome especially after not hearing the birds sing in a very long time.
Another reason as to why I enjoy the melting snow is what the ground will look like when the weather gets warmer and dryer – green and hopefully the person that I walk by on the way to the bus will plant another amazing garden. She has absolutely amazing flowers, and any time that I walk by when she is gardening, she has a huge smile on her face; she takes great joy in gardening and tending to the new life of the plants.


Christina L.


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