Pink Stole Sunday!


The reason that I picked to blog on Sundays was solely for the purpose of getting to blog about Pink Stole Sunday! I was one of the first people to sign up; just to get Pink Stole Sunday. Well I signed up for the wrong Sunday, so I just kept adding Sundays until I hit pink stole Sunday.


It wasn’t until I came to St. Bede’s Chapel in the fall of 2007 that I learned that Pink was also a liturgical colour! For me this was great; I love pink! For our chaplain; well she doesn’t like pink quite as much as I do. It became a common theme around St. Bede’s to “threaten” Megan about giving her a pink stole! To be honest, it was just to see her reaction. However a year and a half ago, our dream came true. Megan became the owner of a beautiful pink stole. Amy handmade a stole in all different shades of pink and embroidered a St. Brigid’s cross at the neck. The members of St. Bede’s at the time signed our names onto one of the panels. When Amy gave it to Megan not only was her reaction priceless, but she now wears it twice during the church year (much to our delight). The third Sunday of Advent and the fourth Sunday of Lent are the two pink Sundays. Unfortunately for the last three pink Sundays, I have somehow always missed that particular Sunday.

I never really thought about why there were two pink Sundays during a penitence/waiting period. Pink is a joyful colour. I found a blog from the Catholic Campus Ministries in Lebanon, Illinois which explains a little bit about why we have pink Sundays. These two Sundays are called “Laetare Sundays” which comes from Latin meaning rejoice. I always thought that Lent was about penitence. Does this mean we are to be joyful during Lent? According to this blog, “returning to God is an occasion for joy”. So even when we are re-evaluating what is important in our lives, there is a cause for joy, because we are returning to God.

As I have blogged about for the last two weeks, I am not observing Lent. But now I am learning there is also a component of joy to Lent and that Lent is about returning to God. So I guess in a way I am celebrating Lent. I am joyful about feeling better and now I am starting to be less angry at God. I am becoming closer to God again. I think I am more in Lent than ever before. I think that the past three years may have been spent mostly in Good Friday. I am not going to lie, it is kind of weird to think of Lent as a joyful time, but I like it.

Well again, I won’t be making it to St. Bede’s for pink stole Sunday, but enjoy it for me. I am going to mark the third Sunday of Advent off on my calendar and make sure I make it then!


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