I was having a conversation with a friend the other day and realized for me personally I am not sure that giving something up for Lent is as significant as trying something new or working on fixing some aspect of your life. (for example I have never posted for this blog!) Trying new things outside your comfort zone can be scary. I am just suggesting adding this concept or switching it up when you think about Lent. Reviewing the importance of family and other close relationships despite busy and stressful lives is what will be touched on in two links I am going to present here. I think what connects both these links that can be quite difficult in relationships is perspective taking. 

This first link is referring to sibling rivalry in children, but I am guessing that more subtle forms of this exist as young adults. Some of it could have to do with differences in personality or siblings that you feel are more successful than you. In terms of relationships with parents you can probably at one point have identified with rapidly changing back and forth between needing your parents and being really irritated by them.(It was neat that this link was from Trinidad where my dad grew up) \

This second link has personal significance in some areas for me, I was born with a mild physical disability and the article discusses developing a more significant one throughout life. The sections that I think are worth looking at are; the intro before the article description, the section on identity and the section on confronting social support.


My final thoughts – no one has all the answers or is perfect but being aware gives us the chance to improve.




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