Everything starts with a plan

I love making plans.  Whether it’s planning a trip, planning a goal, or planning out my life, I am a list maker and a checker-offer.

I made a plan for Lent.  I focus on taking on things for Lent, rather than giving them up (things I probably should have given up this Lent: potatoes, reality shows on HGTV, not using a shopping list, believing that sitting on my balance ball is “working out”); this Lent I planned to keep track of every cent that I spent and to actually start training for my 2nd marathon.

I had a plan, I had a reason to stick to the plan, and things changed that required me to make a new plan, to consider possibilities that I hadn’t even thought were there.

Everything changed and so did my Lent.  This Lenten period for me has been one of reflection and of finding joy in uncertainty.  If you’re someone who loves to plan, learning to find joy in the uncertainty IS a daily addition to your life.

Lent is a period when we prepare ourselves.  We remember the journey to the cross that Christ took.  We recall the sacrifice that He made for us.  We remember that while there may be uncertainty in life, there is certainty in His love.

– Ashley

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