Bridges and Nature

Hi All,

I apologize in advance for the super uncreative title haha. These are just a few pics that I took on campus throughout my first year at UWaterloo. I thought they were rather beautiful and really reminded me of how great God is that the nature he created can be so beautiful (:

It’s all of the same bridge (The one towards St. Jeromes University College) and they were taken at various times of the day and of the year.

A little back story:

The first one that I’ve attached is my personal favourite. Took it when I came out of my first exam at UWaterloo. It felt really refreshing to come out of my exam to such a beautiful sight.

For the most part, the others, I took as a kind of tradition. That bridge is my favourite spot on campus and now, I just  snap a photo whenever the weather’s nice.

Hope you all enjoy!







2 comments on “Bridges and Nature

  1. Ursula – these are beautiful photos! Thank you.

  2. Laurie says:

    I love your pictures. The first picture looks so peaceful.

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