And we’re back – earlier than expected!

Yes, I know we weren’t going to post till Advent… and yes, I know Advent doesn’t start till December this year…But St. Bede’s is trying something new (again!) – a blog book/study group.

How will this work? Anyone who is interested in participating will read the same book over the same period of time – we are going to start with The Rule of Benedict by Joan Chittester. It takes the ancient Rule of St. Benedict and offers commentary and reflection on each portion of the rule.

How do I get a copy of the book? If you live in the KW area, Megan can order it for you (and subsidize the cost) – just talk to her. Otherwise, you are welcome to track down the book via amazon (see above), second-hand bookstores, libraries, friends, etc. Note – if you have already spoken to Megan about a group order, the books should be in sometime in mid-August.

How will I know how much to read and when? The book is actually divided into daily readings – so you just read one each day and reflect on it.

What is the timeline for this group? The book’s readings go from Sept. 1 to December 31 – so that’s when we will be reading and discussing.

How will discussions work? The plan is that once a week either Megan or someone else will post a blog entry about the week’s readings – some personal reaction, general thoughts, questions. And then everyone can join in on the comments.

Can we discuss it more often than once a week? Of course! But as a chapel community we will commit to participating at least once each week.

Who can join in? Anyone! We have started with the St. Bede’s Chapel community – but we know that actually our community is far-flung, and already we have other folks planning to participate. Simply find yourself a copy of the book and participate! (Megan will be acting as moderator for the discussions.)

I am sure there will be other questions – so ask them in the comments and I will try and answer them… and I am very much looking forward to seeing how this works come September!



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