First three days of readings

OK – for those of you who won’t receive up your books till after Sept. 1 – and for anyone who would like a ‘sample’ before committing to tracking down or purchasing a copy of Rule of Benedict – here’s a pdf of the first three days of readings (Sept. 1-3). Don’t forget – we start tomorrow!!

Rule of Benedict Sept 1-3



One comment on “First three days of readings

  1. Alan Anthony says:

    Page 7: “We miss out on the life we are meant to have”
    I find statements like this very difficult to digest. Isn’t the life that we have always the life that we are meant to have, no matter what happens? Being a devout Christian, even following the Rule of Benedict, does not make us immune to bad things happening to us. Depending on one’s perspective, you can view the same negative life event as either (a) a learning experience that was necessary in order for us to grow – ie. it was part of the life we were meant to have or (b) the result of failing to follow God’s direction for us (which all of us will do several times in our lives because we are not perfect) and therefore causing us to miss out on the life we were meant to have. How is it possible to distinguish between the two?

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