thinking about how to make this work more effectively!

Sunday was our once-a-term potluck – and it emerged that many of us are behind in the readings. Now I know it doesn’t help that we are almost at the end of term (eek!) – but the perceptive comment was that without a regular gathering there is little accountability to ensure we read and reflect on the book. (Thanks for that insight, Pamela!)

So, as I continue to slowly get caught up with the readings, I wonder if I could get some of you to – gulp – volunteer to write a reflection from the readings between now and the end of December? At a minimum we need to have one reflection each week, so that means the weeks of Nov. 25, Dec. 2, Dec. 9, Dec. 16, Dec. 23, Dec. 30.

If you are moved to commit to write a reflection, please email me at or let me know in the comments section, Reflections can be brief, and they can also reflect on your experience of reading the book this fall, or on the book as a whole…

I will get a reflection of my own up later this week – but in the meantime, consider signing up to do the same – I only need 6 of you to make this work!!




2 comments on “thinking about how to make this work more effectively!

  1. Philip Cutmore says:

    I can do one. How about December 9th.

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