Being present

This year for Lent, I did not want to remove something from my life as a devotion. Although it can be a helpful way to kick a habit, it has never helped me feel closer to God. Which is something I very much want to bring back into my life.

Which got me to thinking, what makes me feel closer to God? Being present in the moment is an important part of that for me. Most often this has happened when I’m out hiking in the woods. But how to cultivate being present in my day to day life? I spend a great deal of time either regretting the past or worrying about the future, and if I dedicated more time to simply being present in whatever moment I happen to be in, I can appreciate more of what is going on around me. So starting on Ash Wednesday, I decided that whenever I started to do that, I would re-direct my attention back to the current moment.

Then I realized, after being about a week into it- I was basically trying to give up worrying for Lent. Although I have not had a 100% success rate, or even a 90% success rate, being mindful of what I’m thinking about has significantly decreased the amount of worrying I do, and the duration of said worrying. I will certainly keep trying and seeing how it goes.



One comment on “Being present

  1. Dawn – what a wonderful realisation and goal! I will be curious to hear how the rest of Lent continues… Thanks for sharing. Megan+

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