The Human Condition

How do you perceive Jesus when you think of him as a perfect human being?

The concept of God’s perfection as a diety is easier to grasp for me as I perceive God, in part, as the abstract representation of perfect truth, justice, and love among other things. These are ideals that do exist in a perfect state, we just do not find them on earth. The human incarnation of Jesus is a different story. Jesus was both perfectly divine and perfectly human. I have a handle on the perfectly divine part (at least I think I do), but what about the perfect human part? What does it mean to be a perfect human? In the past, I would perceive Jesus – in his perfection – as someone who was always in control of his thoughts and emotions, never too high and never too low. Of course there is scripture which reveals that Jesus showed anger (with the merchants in the temple) as well as worry and apprehension (while praying leading up to the time when he would be arrested). For some reason I would disregard those particular passages when forming my concept of Jesus as a perfect human being. But obviously they cannot be disregarded. Since Jesus was human, he must have experienced the full range of human emotions. Jesus’ perfection was demonstrated by the fact that his emotional response would always be appropriate given the situation. Perhaps the Pharisees focused their concentration on the law so much because it is easier to define and strive for that version of higher ideals. But it is also less important than the human condition which is why we so needed Jesus to provide us with an example and show us the way.



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  1. Gede Prama says:

    Thank you for sharing and Greetings from Gede Prama 🙂

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