“influence or animate with an idea or purpose”
“immediate influence of God or a god”

In addition to our thoughts and reflections on particular topics, the St. Bede’s Lenten blog also includes examples of songs and art. The wonderful thing about art is that the same lyrics, painting, sculpture, poem, etc. can mean different things to different people or even different things to the same person in a another stage of life. The Bible itself is a work of art, in particular the parables and lessons taught by Jesus. They all have many facets and layers and distinct meanings to each of us which we begin uncover during reflection time and will continue to do so as we revisit the same readings and stories in the future … just as when we listen to a song with new/different ears or perceive visual art with new/different eyes.

To all who create and/or perform art – or simply draw our attention to art – thank you for your inspiration.

Dedicated to my talented little artist, Amy.



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