The Long Haul

Life with candles is work. Even as the days grow longer I find it harder to continue to not turn on electric lights when at home. It is tiring to always look for the matches, to hold the candle. Even once lit, candles and oil lanterns don’t bathe me in enough light to rouse me to my list of home tasks in the same way electric currents can. Lent is dragging on. I am ready for the flood of Light that comes with Easter – but Easter is not here yet. We must continue on, in dimly lit hallways, praying that we don’t trip on what lies in front of us in the shadows.

How are you holding the Light close this week? What illuminations and encounters with God flickers have you experienced or failed to recognize in the shadows? How are you avoiding stubbing your ‘toes’?






 God is.

God is in praying.

God is in listening.

God is in working.


developing consciousness of God

I AM makes the long haul possible.


The ark that bends towards justice.

towards light.

towards life.


Is as we are

where we are.



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