When I was little, I always considered documentaries to be boring; they just seemed long and drawn out. Today … I still consider SOME documentaries long and drawn out. Just the historical ones, they can be a little dry to me. That’s just my opinion.

But since Grade 11 social studies, I started to try out more documentaries, the ones that tell you how you can make a difference in life. I watched two recently: Vegucated and No Impact Man. I thought both of these films were well done, however, Vegucated made more of an impact on me than No Impact Man … (sorry, I’m still laughing at how funny that is!)

Why? Why do some things tug at our heartstrings, while others don’t influence the way we feel at all? Both films have valid points, they both make me fear for the future … and yet, one made me cringe more than the other. Is it because I can’t change everything overnight? Is it too much to consider at this stage in my life? Is it something I should try watching again at a later date?

Are there any documentaries, or films in general, that have changed the way you think about life?



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