Changing Seasons

This year, I am not observing Lent. Well that’s not totally true; I started out to observe Lent. In fact, I chose to add Bible time to my life this year. But sometimes life gets in the way. This Lent has been a season of change for me. Thankfully most of these changes have been positive and I am grateful for them. However, it has changed which Church season I am observing.

I have started to celebrate the Easter season. See the biggest change for me has been the stabilization of my chronic illness. I have been battling it for several years and this has been the first time that I have been stable in a while. I have been observing Lent and Holy week for a long time now; mainly because I was going through a difficult time in life. So now, I am celebrating Easter.

But celebrating Easter is hard after being in Lent and Holy week for so long. It is hard to realize that the good news has really come. I can only imagine what the disciples felt when Jesus appeared to them after the resurrection. Lent is 40 days to prepare for the sudden change of death to life and Easter 50 days to move into that new beginning. We need those 50 days in order to help us understand and trust that that good news is real and to learn how to live in that new reality. For me, living in the reality that my chronic illness is stable, is a new journey that I am looking forward to. However, like the disciples, I have no idea how this change is going to make my life look. Like them, I need to just keep moving forward, believing a little bit more each day.



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