Little Trinity Worship Sessions

Little Trinity Worship Sessions - cover artSince a lot of us have been sharing our favourite Christian music this Lent, I thought I would share an album that I find myself listening to quite frequently. Our church in Sarnia hosted a concert a few years ago, and one of the musicians that night was Mike Janzen: he’s more widely known as a brilliant jazz pianist (and it was a blast to hear him live on piano that night), but he’s also the evening worship leader at Little Trinity Anglican Church in downtown Toronto. Little Trinity Worship Sessions was recorded to capture music from their evening services – reflective, low-key music that works well at a small scale – and as Janzen notes on the album’s website:

About a year ago, a good friend from my church came to me and asked if I had ever thought of putting together a meditative worship album that would mix original material with some of our community’s classic hymns. […] I have been the evening music leader for over 10 years and in that time there have been challenges in finding music that is appropriate in both scale and theology.

There isn’t a lot of non-classical music that I can listen to without distracting myself from work or assignments, but this is an album I’ll often listen to when I need to get work done. I find it really soothing, while also encouraging and motivating in its message (“Beatitudes” and “Defender of the Poor” being personal favourites). Janzen also manages to work in some Middle-Eastern, Indian, and jazz flavours (“Remain in Me”, “Rise”, “Ransom”), in addition to old hymns (“Come Thou Fount”, “On Christ the Solid Rock”, “I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say”). If you’re interested, you can download the album for free from its website, Monsoon Worship.



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