Peace in the Crazy

For me the being of Holy week always meant that my home was about to really bust. With 5 or more services in one week my Dad was never home and my Mum was always busy helping him. This week always revolved around making sure Dad got everything done. As child to me this was not a time to think about anything thing other then how many more bulletins I had to fold.

It was not till I was teenager that I began to have my own holy week traditions that helped me center myself in the craziness that was my house. Every holy week I try and take the time to listen to the whole Jesus Christ Superstar soundtrack. For me the music put a personal touch to the story that was going through the services. It allowed me to take the time to reflect on Jesus’ journey to the cross in a more meditative way. I was better able to connect to people who went days up to after the crucifixion through music. As we begin holy week with Palm Sunday I leave you with one of the songs that gives me comfort through Holy Week and beyond. It helps remind me to relax and find peace in moments when it feels like the world is trying to stop me.



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