Invitations to walk and pray

We are in the city now. Jerusalem. The crowds are changing their tone – we know what is coming…

In the midst of Holy week I am planning a prayer walk for Holy Saturday. You are invited to hear a story of our modern crucifixion of Jesus as life giving water – and pray with us for the Resurrection anew. Here is a modified excerpt from the planned liturgy for the Prayer walk.

“Dear Grand River life giver,

How can I begin writing to such an esteemed stranger? I do not know you as I wish I did. As such, I hope you will not take offense at this small, presumptuous, hopeful offering.

I know you are the lifeblood of this land and many peoples. Before this I know you are your own life, and a being unto yourself. How then should a small creature like me relate to you, who were before me and will remain after me? For you are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Yet my people are many, and we have done you many wrongs. We have usurped the inheritance of those named by the peoples’ treaty to be wardens of your shores and waters. We have compounded the pollution of our hearts and ways with the spilled blood of our sisters and brothers, who had sworn to safeguard the life that you sustain.

It is they whose forgiveness I must seek as I approach your holy waters. Deal gently with me, for I am filled with brave talk and small deeds.”

These pipelines under our feet connect us in so many ways. They are the veins of our society and lives. Just think.
This morning, we put on our clothes, made in a factory WITH OIL.
For breakfast we had fruit, shipped here from Central America WITH OIL.
We packed ourselves snacks in plastic containers, made WITH OIL.
We drove to church in cars WITH OIL.
The pipelines connect us to the global economy of oil, and we are complicit.”


As we walk, wherever we find ourselves this Easter, may we remember the one who walks before us and leads the way towards the light.



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