Should the Good in Good Friday say something

Happy Good Friday everyone! This article on this special day explains why Good Friday should, and does, start with ‘good’. This day, roughly 1981 years ago, Jesus was put upon the cross to save us from our sins. I know it’s sad that he had to pass away, but he did if for a good cause. If God did not play for him to die then he would have lived for awhile, but most definitely our sins would have not been forgiven and we would be living a dreadful, sinful life.

Don’t you think we should be rejoicing over his suffering instead of sulking in the shadows? He did it for us, God willingly put his son on the cross to sacrifice for us. That just reminds me about how generous and powerful God is. It certainly would not have been an easy thing to do but God knew Jesus was the only person who was special enough to do that.

We all wear dark colours on that day to honour Jesus’s life, but do you ever think that maybe he might like us to wear neon instead? He did it for us to live a happy and cheery life so by honouring him, he still might want us to thank him for all he has done for us. You might also be angry at this time of year. I suspect you might be furious at the people who put Jesus on the cross. You might feel like one of your friends is being bullied because Jesus is our friend.

So we also need to forgive. Let go all of our negative feelings so we can enjoy our sin-free day like Jesus meant us to.

Laura (11 years old)


One comment on “Should the Good in Good Friday say something

  1. Pamela says:

    Thank you for the post Laura, but I think I am going to respectfully disagree with you. If we start seeing Jesus’ death as a good thing and we celebrate his suffering, then we can start condoning the violence that put him on the cross. I think there are plenty of times to be grateful for the fact that Jesus died for us, but death is sad, and we should have a time to be sad that Jesus died; Good Friday is a good time for that.

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